Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Patent Application Watcher

Do you have a patent application that is being submitted to multiple Patent Offices (often by different patent law firms). Wondering what is happening across the the Globe? The Patent Application Watcher (PAW) technology prototype will allow you to simply enter your US public patent application ID and you will get back a table of all events (or selected events - there are hundreds) with the latest status at Patent Offices that participate in the Global Dossier network (EP, US, JP, SK, CN, CA …). You can add one or many (in the form US2015256722, US2015256723 …). You can also have the program automatically check one (or up to 100) application IDs every day and alert you if one of your watch event types appears or if a your application has become public at any of the Global Dossier connected Patent Offices.

Contact us with the contact form to the right (Contact link) if you want a copy to test yourself on your own desktop computer (or online) ——>

Here is sample output for US2015256722 (as it looked on 6/7/2017):

Note that the left side shows when patent applications linked to your US patent application became public. The left side then can show the entire history of events for the patents in other countries, even proceeding the first public date on the left.