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Patent or Application Pub NumberTitlePublication DateNumber of CitesNumber of Cited By
US5347546Method and apparatus for prefiltering a global positioning system receiver1994-09-131256
US6393046Spread spectrum receiver with multi-bit correlator2002-05-2113485
US5268064Copper clad epoxy printed circuit board suitable for microwave frequencies encountered in GPS receivers1993-12-07450
US5901171Triple multiplexing spread spectrum receiver1999-05-04107156
US20070006250Portable audience measurement architectures and methods for portable audience measurement2007-01-049768
US5933789Method and system for applying dispersive normal moveout corrections to seismic survey signals1999-08-03136
US5880789Apparatus for detecting and displaying supplementary program1999-03-09659
US6502065Teletext broadcast receiving apparatus using keyword extraction and weighting2002-12-311920
DE1159524BVerfahren und Vorrichtung zur UEberwachung (Feststellung der Programmwahl) von Empfangsgeraeten (Rundfunk- oder Fernsehempfaengern)1963-12-1922
US8276431Method of determining acoustic transit times for material having high acoustic attenuation properties2012-10-02142
US3423993Rolling ultrasonic transducer1969-01-28414
US2724783Rotative probe for ultrasonic detecting devices1955-11-2246
US2224891Oscillating mechanical or electromechanical system1940-12-1712
US7085693Manipulation of electronic media using off-line media2006-08-014353
WO1994017609A1Television viewer monitoring system1994-08-04733
US5278988Automated receiver monitoring method and apparatus1994-01-111946