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Nice Flutter Performance Article

Came across a nice article:  discussing Flutter performance (its a few months old) vs a similar timing app in iOS.  It’s main takeaways are (confirming suspicions): Frequent UI redraws are expensive If you call setState() often, make sure that it redraws as little UI as possible.

MVC for Flutter?

Flutter seems like the antithesis of MVC (Model-View-Controller) development approach but one person has come up with (I expect a computationally intensive) approach discussed at:

Recent Flutter UI running on Fuchsia Article (Example)

This May 2018 article from the Verge concludes: At this point, there’s no real indication of what Google plans to do with Fuchsia. Is it an actual future operating system that the company is building from the ground up to replace Android and Chrome OS?

Dart vs PHP (value in learning)

Nice pro and con comparison.  Note that they reviewed the old Dart 1.24.3 vs Dart 2.0 which is out now and addressed a couple of the cons they site against Dart.  A key takeway from the Slant community is : When comparing PHP vs Dart, the Slant community recommends Dart for

Forbe’s article citing importance of Flutter (and Fuchsia)

Nice (but small) non-technical write-up on how Flutter and Fuchsia (an in-the-works Google’ one-OS-for-all)  may have significant business impact in 2019.   Wikipedia offers a good summary of the state of Fuchsia here: They summarize the link to Flutter and Dart as: Fuchsia’s user interface and apps are written with

Nice Compare of regular Android and Flutter view approaches

Out at medium there is a nice article that discusses the different approached to “screen painting” of the UI using traditional Andriod and now Flutter.  Here is the top of the article: What even are Flutter widgets? Flutter is a mobile UI framework that makes UI

Flutter Icons

Flutter via Material Design has access to a hundreds of monochrome icons. Check them out here: