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Patent or Application NumberTitlePublication DateNumber of CitesNumber of Cited By
US9100132Systems and methods for gathering audience measurement data2015-08-04579
US5933789Method and system for applying dispersive normal moveout corrections to seismic survey signals1999-08-03136
US6502065Teletext broadcast receiving apparatus using keyword extraction and weighting2002-12-311920
DE1159524BVerfahren und Vorrichtung zur UEberwachung (Feststellung der Programmwahl) von Empfangsgeraeten (Rundfunk- oder Fernsehempfaengern)1963-12-1922
US3423993Rolling ultrasonic transducer1969-01-28414
US2724783Rotative probe for ultrasonic detecting devices1955-11-2246
US2224891Oscillating mechanical or electromechanical system1940-12-1712
US5278988Automated receiver monitoring method and apparatus1994-01-111946
US2833859System for determining listening habits of wave signal receiver users1958-05-06313

About this Patent Timeline Visualizer:

This is a simple prototype application that employs "screen scraping" written in PHP 7 to gather data from Google Patents. It then formats the data about patents and patent applications it cites or other that cite this patent or application on a timeline that can be interacted with. It has been tested with the Google Chrome browser and requires JavaScript to be allowed to run. As a screen scraper the results may sometimes be unexpected, but this approach was needed after Google discontinued it's direct API. It uses live up to date data from Google Patents (both the old and new version). Please contact us by clicking here to comment or ask for additional features.

The following is a static screen shot of the Visualizer: