Formal IDUS9100132B2
TitleSystems and methods for gathering audience measurement data
InventorsRonald S. Kolessar , James M. Jensen , Wendell D. Lynch ,
Counry CodeUS
Primary Languageen
Key DatesPriority: 2002-07-26 Filing: 2009-11-03 Publication: 2015-08-04
Assignee Current Nielsen Co (US) LLC
Assignee OriginalNielsen Co (US) LLC
# RelationshipsCitations: 580 Cited By: (Timeline only shows items with date information)


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A. C. Nielsen Company13infoanalysishilite
A.C. Nielsen Company4infoanalysishilite
Actv, Inc.2infoanalysishilite
Advanced Protocol Systems, Inc.1infoanalysishilite
American Telephone And Telegraph Company, At&T Bell Laboratories1infoanalysishilite
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Best Robert M2infoanalysishilite
Bolt Beranek And Newman Inc.1infoanalysishilite
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Case Western Reserve University1infoanalysishilite
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Command Audio Corporation1infoanalysishilite
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Computer Security Corporation1infoanalysishilite
Control Data Corporation3infoanalysishilite
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First National Bank Of Boston1infoanalysishilite
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Signal Security Technologies1infoanalysishilite
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Sony Corporation4infoanalysishilite
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Teleview Rating Corporation, Inc.1infoanalysishilite
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The Arbitron Company5infoanalysishilite
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The Real Estate Network1infoanalysishilite
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Applicant Name#linkanalysis(TDB)hilite(TDB)