New simulated AIS on iPhone and Android

A new service is now available to folks who don’t have a $2000 AIS transmitter but want to make their boat visible to others via an iPhone or other GPS Smartphone … why do this?  You can then monitor a live AIS map like we have at middlebay and see other AIS boats and ships with you craft shown as well. Here is the email from Marine Traffic who hosts this free service:

Are you sailing out of the range of MarineTraffic AIS receivers? Your vessel does not have an AIS transponder? Use your smart phone on board to report the positions of the vessel to MarineTraffic.
iAIS is a mobile application that makes possible to use your mobile device to report the positions of a vessel to MarineTraffic. GPS-enabled devices (iPhone/iPad and Android coming soon) can be used to report the position, the details and the status of a vessel in case an AIS transponder is not available or the vessel is out of the range of MarineTraffic’s AIS receivers.
iPhone/iPad: Open the App Store and search for ‘iAIS marinetraffic’ or just follow the link:
Android: Open the Android Market on your mobile device and search for ‘iAIS’. Alternatively, open the current page in the web browser of your mobile device and click on the following link: market://search?q=pname:com.marinetraffic.iais