Sierra Club opposes Cove Point, MD LNG export terminal

From our friends at Reuters

The Sierra Club is challenging plans to export liquefied natural gas from Maryland, continuing its fight against the gas industry’s push to sell the nation’s abundant shale gas abroad.  The group filed a formal objection with the Energy Department against Dominion’s Cove Point export project, arguing that exports of liquefied natural gas would raise prices for consumers and expand use of “destructive” drilling techniques to extract shale gas.

It is interesting how natural gas from fracking was supported by the Sierra Club until a couple months ago when it was disclosed that they has taken $26 Million from the fracking industry.  Now exports are bad since they might lead to more expensive natural gas even though they will help US jobs and balance of payments.  Well … natural gas prices are now rock bottom and exports will not change that anytime soon.  Although I worry about safety at Cove Point and the ships as they pass … we live with a light water Nuclear Plant next store that probably is more risky.  Both are small risks and if Calvert County can get additional millions for schools and public safety though this route it is probably worth it.  I think the Sierra Club has become too political to be considered an independent player.