Dart vs PHP (value in learning)

Nice pro and con comparison.  Note that they reviewed the old Dart 1.24.3 vs Dart 2.0 which is out now and addressed a couple of the cons they site against Dart.  A key takeway from the Slant community is : When comparing PHP vs Dart, the Slant community recommends Dart for

Forbe’s article citing importance of Flutter (and Fuchsia)

Nice (but small) non-technical write-up on how Flutter and Fuchsia (an in-the-works Google’ one-OS-for-all)  may have significant business impact in 2019.   Wikipedia offers a good summary of the state of Fuchsia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Fuchsia. They summarize the link to Flutter and Dart as: Fuchsia’s user interface and apps are written with

Nice Compare of regular Android and Flutter view approaches

Out at medium there is a nice article that discusses the different approached to “screen painting” of the UI using traditional Andriod and now Flutter.  Here is the top of the article: What even are Flutter widgets? Flutter is a mobile UI framework that makes UI

Flutter Icons

Flutter via Material Design has access to a hundreds of monochrome icons. Check them out here: https://docs.flutter.io/flutter/material/Icons-class.html

Nice set of focused, quick Flutter/Dart tutorials

Video and code covering most of the basic constructs.  He starts with a blank editor and build up examples line by line so you really get a feel for the widget tree and how state is created and maintained.  The only issue is that the

Common Flutter Mobile/Web?

A company called AppTree had a nice talk at Dart Con 2018 about their successful efforts creating a Android/iOS/Web solution that had  70% common code.

Nice Widget Tree YouTube Video

Getting a good handle on the Flutter Widget Tree seems like a key to avoiding “flutterstration” since the widget cascade can store key values and constrains well above the widget that holds the actual context.

No “Drag and Drop” Flutter Development Yet

Although there are a lot of thinks to love about Flutter at this point (8/1/2018) one noticeable difference from Microsoft “Drag and Drop” widgets onto a named form is that everything is programmatic with Flutter at this point.  A good reference that calls it out

Web Services and Remote APIs

While Flutter makes apps beautiful and fluid, and Dart makes it easy to program, in most cases we still need some interesting data to work with.  Fortunately there are many useful data sets available across the internet, and the  best catalog of these web services and

Very Nice Flutter Review at hackernoon.com

Maybe the best “why you should care about Flutter” articles so far.  The historical context is excellent.  Although it is all worth a read, the following extract is a key highlight: “Flutter has a new architecture that includes widgets that look and feel good, are