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Flutter (1.5) using Dart + Google Firebase + REST APIs -> Android Mobile Apps
Free To Host Web Sites (Mobirise + Google Firebase)

Free project prototypes in about a week ... just ask via the contact form at the bottom

If you like the prototype we can work out a profit share for a finished app/web site

Active project: European Patent Office Widgets

Happy to help: Free web site hosting at Firebase using Mobirise

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Why use Google Flutter (programmed with Dart) for mobile apps?

An aggressively Google backed Android and iOS UI centric mobile framework with a great developement ecosystem based completely on composable widgets.

Follow the links below to check out some informative info and reviews

Why use a static web site editor like Mobirise freely hosted on Google Firebase?

Had it slow web hosts changing the rules after your hosting aggreement is locked in?  Tired of the lasted upgrade or else threats?  Worried about Wordpress bugs?  Does starting with free hosting (for static web sites) sound good?  Does a slick editor with a page and block system that works well with brower and mobile sound promising?  How about one with hundreds of blocks that can be even adapted to blogging type sites? Ready for lighting fast page loads.

If so, try a Mobirise created and edited static web site hosted on the free Google Firebase hosting teir.  That is what this site is doing ... and you can go from start to on-line in a few hours.