New Android Studio Version Out

The good news is that it did not break any builds for me.  The bad is that the gradle build timeout warning remains … but it builds anyway.

Flutter is out of Beta … Flutter 1.0 articles:

Flutter is out of Beta … so we have Flutter 1.0 using Dart 2.1 as its default programming language.  Here is a collection of articles on the release. The best: Everything That Google Announced About the Flutter 1.0 Others: Flutter 1.0 Is Now Available: Stable

Fix Your Gradle Build

Some Android Studio update fallout left a very pesky problem with a new Gradle build error issue.  Finally found a simple fix:

Don’t get the ROI in OOP? You are not alone.

I have long sought an analysis of the ROI for Object Oriented Programming (OOP) … as it seems like a long term productivity booster.  Lots of folks say it is needed to improve long term app/application maintenance.  Great.  Search for some studies of actual outcomes:

Flutter Package Directory

Hundreds of Flutter ready packages ready to jump start some complex functionality. Check it out at:

Apps Built With Flutter Directory

Great set of front screens and descriptions to show what is possible using flutter.  Of course you need to load it on your phone to experience their functionality. Click here: