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Capture-less Orbital Debris Management Systems (CODMS)

Using cubesats and smallsats to cost effectively reduce the orbital debris threat in LEO.  The goal is to remove a 50 kg object for less than $100,000.  Patent pending

Cubesat Builder Online App

Demonstration using pure Javascript, and three.js to create a cubesat builder, complete with component sourcing and project sequencing features. Use the contact form at the button below to stay informed.

Vestal Lunar HeroX Competition

Using Starship's main tanks and engines as a reusable OTV, you can carry a large lunar lander back and forth from LEO.  The "Vestal Lunar" concept imagines a tourist service using this concept.

WidgetBlending - the art of combining multi-function standard components (widgets) with new elements to create new solutions


4th place, $2,500 prize: Future-Scaping Our Skies (NASA)

Mapping societal, economic, technological, environmental, political, and regulatory trends to the future of aviation.

Submitted as Stars and Scars (under Jeff Morse)

Finalist: NASA's Lunar Delivery Challenge (NASA)

Landing on the Moon with all that we need is just the beginning. Now we have to unload it. Your ideas can help jump-start the space economy.

Submitted as Tritons Lunar Unloader (under Jeff Morse)

Some Older Concepts

Some are no longer relevant, but some parts (widgets) may be combinable into new concepts.


L4 Asteriod Prospector

Some has speculated that there are thousands of objects in similar orbits here. The key is to find those that are in a very similar plane to Earth and closer to the center of L4 or L5 the better.


9 ... meter ... Designs explores the possibilities for 9m diameter rocket systems like SpaceX Starship

Shackleton Development Corp

A conceptual plan of how humanity can colonize the Moon starting with a base in Shackleton Crater at the Lunar South Pole

SiMars: Simulated Mars Experience 

A conceptual plan for a one week experience that offers a 30 minute sub-orbital Starship flight to a Simulated Mars colony for a 5 day stay.

Land Site Preparation

A small lander can prepare the site for big landers ... and crew landers.


What might the second SpaceX Mars mission contain?

Mars Hopper?

An alternative landing system for Mars.


A Crew concept for Starship if Crew Starship as envisioned does not work out.


4 Starships: 2 Cargo, 1 MethLOX Factory and 1 Pivot Hab/Command Center (All unmanned)


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