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9 ... meter ... Designs explores the possibilities for 9m diameter rocket systems like SpaceX Starship

HLS Starship (Lunar Lander) Concepts

A suggested improvement on the Artemis concept ... replacing their gateway with a HLS Starship derived gateway ... or eliminating any gateway (image credit: reddit)

Shackleton Development Corp

A conceptual plan of how humanity can colonize the Moon starting with a base in Shackleton Crater at the Lunar South Pole

SiMars: Simulated Mars Experience 

A conceptual plan for a one week experience that offers a 30 minute sub-orbital Starship flight to a Simulated Mars colony for a 5 day stay.


Time is running out ... can SpaceX perform a minimal mission in late 2022?


What might the second SpaceX Mars mission contain?

Mars Hopper?

An alternative landing system for Mars.


4 Starships: 2 Cargo, 1 MethLOX Factory and 1 Pivot Hab/Command Center (All unmanned)


Proposals for NASA CLPS

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