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Affordable Top Quality Landing Site Preparation

Sample Planetary Tarp Corporation Deployment (our lander and rover in upper right)

Don't risk your and landing and re-launch!

Whether it is the Moon or Mars propulsive landing can damage the engine as rocks are kicked up on landing.  If this is also your return launch engine you may not be able to bring your vehicle back.  Our landing tarp will provide a rock and dust free surface that prevents engine damage.  This enables cost savings when you can use these engines for both landing and return, vs a dedicated return engine.

Beyond this service performs a detailed site survey before the Tarp is deployed.  Within a 300 m wide area we fill find the best landing site using sub-surface radar and physical sampling.

After finding the best 30 m wide location rocks are removed and surface graded.

The Tarp is then deployed by the rover, complete with 4 landing beacons to assist your lander with a precision landing.  The rover then weights the edges of the tarp with local rocks to prevent you landing engines from blowing the Tarp out of position.

Don't let the name fool you ... our "Tarps" are active dust repelling synthetic surfaces

Both Mars and the Moon are known for dust issues.  Our tarps leverage static charging with built in wires to push dust off to the edges using built in solar arrays for power.

Resell your Branding Rights!

The Tarp can be printed with any combination of markings and logos.  Imagine images of high quality sponsorship logos in front of your lander with the Lunar or Mars surface in the background.  Sponsorship fees might even exceed the price of our service.

As an included bonus you get free use of the rover for the duration of your mission.

Specific Services:

The $150M service bundle (requires 2 year contract signing and 25% down payment) includes:

- Detailed survey (including surface penetrating radar) of a 300 meter wide area 6 months before landing is scheduled

- In selected "optimal 30 meter wide area" removal of move-able rocks, grading

- Deployment of a 30 meter wide synthetic landing, launch and operations surface. Will not melt or tear for one use cycle.

- Deployment of landing beacons at surface edge to promote high precision landing craft placement

- Edge fixing/weighting to prevent any motion of the synthetic surface during landing and surface ops (a long as landings and ops conform to use guidelines).

- Integrated electrostatic dust removal system to promote the removal of dust from the synthetic surface

- Customers choice of synthetic surface marking and graphics. Option for integrated lighting and glow in the dark markings.

- Complete use of a 50 kg surface rover for the duration of the mission

- A second use reinforcement package can be purchased to reinforce the surface for subsequent use

- Optional: lander team deployable 100 kg package to allow the surface to be reinforced for use after a launch. 

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